Public & Private Companies

McConnell & Company is a business consulting firm specializing in improving its clients’ performance by designing and implementing compensation, incentive and¬†capital accumulation plans. Emphasizing high quality, creative, cost effective work the firm serves both publicly and privately held companies.

  • Develop an overall compensation strategy for salary, incentives and benefits that will enable the company to compete for suitable talent and achieve its strategic goals.
  • Provide recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding appropriate pay levels for senior management.
  • Design an equity or equity-like cash incentive program that would enable the company to retain and motivate the top management team.
  • Ensure the orderly and timely transition of management by developing deferred compensation or supplemental retirement arrangements and/or employment contracts.
  • Help increase sales and profitability by developing functional and/or sales incentive plans.
  • Increase the company’s productivity through the development and implementation of group incentive plans.